Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Frustration & Frogging

I had an extra stitch in my Forest Canopy Shawl, I frogged two rows back, knitted it again and still had an extra stitch. I frogged again, a little further, knitted again and now I'm two stiches short! I just didn't want to frog all the way back to my lifeline if I didn't have to.

So tonight is another frogging adventure, maybe I'll get it right.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Projects, Projects, Projects....

Yes, 3 projects! Very unusual for me, I've never been one to start a new project without finishing the first. It all seems very logical how I got myself into this multitasking - knitting mode. I was finishing up Stephanie's Pedicure Socks... weaving those little ends in.

Pedicure Socks

Since I was so close to finishing the Pedicure Socks I began looking for a new project and decided on an easy beginner lace project, Forest Canopy Shawl. I found a wonderful yarn for the shawl at Knitting Grounds, Aslan Trends Invernal which is just luxurious! I couldn't resist starting the shawl, I had to play with my new yarn. I love knitting with this yarn, and I want to find more projects to use this yarn in later.

Forest Canopy Shawl

While knitting this shawl, and after a few starts... I've learned about the all important "lifeline." What a concept!! I have to admit though, I'm stuck on the project. I have one too many stitches in the row I'm working and now I don't want to frog it back and find my error. This leads me to my third project ... RockStar!

Caiti's RockStar Scarf

Since the lace was giving me trouble and Caiti wanted me to make her something with a novelty yarn I've had stashed for too long, I found a pattern I could knit and watch movies all weekend. She loves how it looks and wants me to finish it as soon as possible, but this morning I have the urge to get back to my shawl even it it will take a couple rows of frogging.