Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Always learning, or at least trying

It's all about the process, not production. At least that's what I've been telling myself this week. I changed my wheel to double drive and feel like I'm learning to spin all over again. I'm just not consistent yet in double drive. I don't know why I feel like I need to learn double drive, but since my wheel does it I should know how. I've been spinning yards and yards of brown corridale, so I got bored and thought I should try to learn to use my spindle. The spindle is fun and portable, now I can take it along and spin on my spring trip to Washington DC!

Since I've been spinning and practicing on all that beautiful natural colored Corridale and BFL I rewarded myself . I love fiber from Sunset Fiber and bought 2 pounds to dye and a couple of colorways. I also found a new fiber source on Etsy, Freckle Face Fibers. My next goal is to be productive and spin some yarn I will use.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Noro Striped Scarf

Pattern: Jared Flood's Generic 1x1 Ribbed Striped Scarf
Materials: Noro Silk Garden; 45 silk 45 kid mohair 10 lambswool
Amount: 4 balls in total in Shades 252 (2 balls), 273, and 241; Approx. 440yds/200g
Needles: US 6
Dimensions: Approximately 5 inches in width and about 6 feet in length, unblocked
Start Date: December 28 2009
Finish Date: January 3, 2010

The scarf is finally finished! On to the next project, I picked up a UFO and started working on the KAL project I bought in Portland. Zaynab, Jeanie and I picked out the cabled wrap at Knit Purl in September. Zaynab has her project complete, I have one skein of yarn to go, and I think we lost Jeanie's interest in about the middle of the first skein. The yarn is luxurious, but the pattern is very repetitious. I know I need another project on the needles too, so I plan on casting on a hat for Caiti this week. She lost hers somewhere, so it's a perfect excuse for another project.

One of my New Year knitting goals is to knit my first sweater. Jeanie and I signed up last week for a sweater class in March, an Icelandic cardigan knit in the round and steeked. I will learn two color knitting and steeking. Fun!!

Knitting burns 80 calories an hour... I wonder if I can count that towards my exercise goals for the New Year, probably not. :-(

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Knitting Resolutions

1. Knit Daily
2. Be an adventurous knitter
3. Update my Ravelry projects and keep up to date
4. Blog!

I have been in a knitting funk lately and I think the best way to get out of that is to make sure I knit daily. I started an easy Noro Striped Scarf last week and got about half way thru it this weekend. It's a no brainer knit, great for curling up and knitting while watching TV. The Noro does all the work, I like how it's turning out.

The Noro scarf isn't too adventurous, I want to expand my knitting skills and try to knit a sweater for myself this year.

While I wasn't blogging about my knitting I thought I was keeping Ravelry updated with all of my projects but I have found I'm missing quite a few! I'm gathering photos and hope to get that updated soon.

I really hadn't thought much about my knitting blog until my friend Jeanie started her knitting/fiber blog and now I am inspired to update my blog. Thanks Jeanie!

These are my New Year's Knitting Resolutions. I don't know if I will keep all of them, but I know I will be knitting.