Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hate is such a strong word...

Originally uploaded by another AK girl
I took a class recently at a LYS learning how to make felted clogs. I didn't have size 13 circulars in my needle collection so I bought 16" and 23" Addi Turbos. I bought the pattern, yarn and paid for the class... so about $90 later I really HATE knitting these clogs.

At first I thought it was the pattern, it required a lot of concentration and counting. I like repetitive and quick, I was having a great time with my Hemlock Ring Blanket.

I was losing all motivation to knit the clogs, I was thinking of other projects and didn't even knit in the morning over coffee.

Doing my homework and getting ready for a Thrummed Mitten class put on by the guild I noticed how fun it was to cast on 40 stiches and knit 2 purl 2 on my dpn's. I realized I didn't hate the clogs, I hated the Addi Turbos! I've never like knitting on metal needles, I thought I had gotten over my metal needle dislike but I was so wrong.

Now that I've realized that, and Aaron has volunteered to finish my clogs in exchange for the Addi Turbos.... life is good!